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We Go the Extra Step so Your Business Can Go the Extra Mile

Your Partner in Worksite Health

At ATI Worksite Solutions, our mission is to provide a fully-integrated onsite team of healthcare providers dedicated to proactive, engagement-based strategies for total worker health. To achieve it, we look for phenomenal individuals who are bright, creative, dedicated and energetic.

Our Values:

  • Proactive: Focused on leading indicators.
  • Embedded: We are your boots on the ground.
  • Innovative: So much more than onsite treatment.
  • Flexible: Scalable solutions to meet your needs.
  • Turnkey: All-in and ready to go!

Our Advantage is Training and Expertise

All Our Healthcare Staff Meet and Exceed Federal and State Regulatory Requirements

Whether your dedicated staff member is a registered nurse, athletic trainer, or other healthcare professional, they will all also be a Certified Early Intervention Specialist™ (CEIS). This means they have participated in a 40-hour curriculum that teaches them to take their core healthcare knowledge and effectively apply it to your worksite.

Our 3-Tier Advancement Program

ATI Worksite Solutions has also developed a 3-tier, advancement program for all our staff to have the ability to attain job specific specialization to a CEIS Level III professional.

Included in this training is:

  • OSHA, first aid and recordables
  • Injury prevention, triage, treatment
  • Industrial and office ergonomics
  • Injury prevention, work hardening and light duty management

Better Results for Your Business

We are a team of on-site healthcare providers that keep employees healthy and productive.

  • Reduced recordables, particularly for soft tissue related recordables
  • Reduced lost time and restricted duty
  • Reduced workers’ compensation claims and total cost
  • Accelerated return to work

Industries Served

We are proud to partner with a wide number of industries across the United States to develop progressive total worker health programs.

To learn more about specific cases where we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals, be sure to check out our client success whitepaper reports.

Leadership Team

With a progressive approach to growth and innovation, ATI Worksite Solutions’ leaders are committed to providing expert care to our clients’ employees, every day. As a result, we are delivering exceptional results to workers, business clients and shareholders, and helping our talented team members advance in their careers.

Meet Our Team

“I help employees improve their screening numbers (cholesterol, BMI, BP) for insurance by coaching them on diet and exercise. There’s nothing more rewarding than having an employee no longer be considered borderline or flagged and improving their life”

Program Rollout Specialist and Ergonomic Consultant
ATI Worksite Solutions

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Learn how ATI Worksite Solutions can help reduce your medical costs and work place injuries.

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