Heavy Manufacturing Industry

It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It. We’ll Keep Your Workers Safe, Healthy and Productive.

We Understand the Heavy Manufacturing Industry

Whether you’re welding the chassis for a semi-truck, operating a twenty-ton machine, or assembling an airplane, people are depending on your grit and skill to get the job done. It’s physically demanding. It’s stressful. It’s dangerous. But with ATI Worksite Solutions, you can have a healthier and more productive worksite.

We’re scalable. We’re sustainable. We’re backed by the largest provider of physical therapy in America. We work with you to understand your needs and provide lifelong wellness benefits to all your employees.

How an Equipment Manufacturing Company Avoided Over $600K in Workers’ Compensation Claim Costs

See how our Certified Early Intervention Specialists (CEISs) reduced a client’s OSHA Recordables and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

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Make Your Heavy Manufacturing Safer

We work in a variety of heavy manufacturing industries, allowing us to share best practices across disciplines. We understand what kind of work you do, what problems you face and the solutions that work.

A Physically Demanding Job

Lifting. Bending. Reaching. Carrying. Pulling. Heavy manufacturing plays havoc on joints, muscles and tendons. We can create better workflows, help employees correct bad habits, and prevent both sudden and chronic injuries.

Understanding Your Workers

It takes a certain personality to succeed in the heavy manufacturing industry. These professionals have found what works best for them and stick to that formula. It takes a strong combination of competency and trust for our providers to prove they can help your employees live a healthier and safer life.

Long Hours

The work is done when the job is finished rather than when the clock strikes. Long hours add another variable to the injury risk formula. We’re prepared to both address that factor within the total picture of health and be present for your employees when they need us most.

How a Tire Manufacturer Experienced a 35% Reduction in Recordable Injuries

See how our Certified Early Intervention Specialists (CEISs) reduced a client’s OSHA Recordables and continued to keep them low. 

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Beyond Work: Creating Lifelong Wellness for Your Employees

Occupational health is just one component to lifelong wellness. We help employees and their families live better lives by individualized case management.

We’ll give them the programs and tools they need to live their full lives. This includes:

  • Nutrition guidance and education
  • Exercise tips and training
  • How to deal with the severity and duration of physical demand
  • Education around proper body mechanics
  • Staying healthy as you age
  • Working with families for better meal prep and dietary habits

This isn’t a requirement or a rule you have to follow. We’re here for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our Heavy Manufacturing Worker Health Programs

Our programs are designed for employees who are inserting rivets into wings or tickets into the check-in software; loading turbines or loading luggage. We’re on your team.

Onsite Healthcare Programs

Your employees have a job to do, which is why bring the healthcare to their workstation rather than bring them to us. We help you create safer processes, improve employee work habits, prevent injuries, and boost overall wellness.

Ergonomics and Safety

While tremendous improvements have been made to use robotics in place of humans for more hazardous work, worksites are not risk free for employees. We have the capability to discover, quantify and mitigate risk alongside your teams.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

Let us help you implement the best safety, health and wellness practices for your industry. Connect with us to get a dedicated professional solely committed to improving your every process.

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