Frequently Asked Questions

How will ATI Worksite Solutions help my business?

Beyond the social benefit of providing an opportunity for better health for their teams, our clients observe a number of benefits that directly reflect their bottom line.

  • Fewer Serious Injuries
  • Fewer OSHA Recordables
  • Fewer Workers Compensation Claims & Costs
  • Fewer Restricted Work Days
  • Fewer Lost Time Days

Ultimately, our programs create a workforce that is more healthy, present, and productive.

What training do ATI Worksite Solutions employees receive?

All of our onsite providers come to us as credentialed healthcare providers. In addition to their medical training, they go through our Early Intervention Specialist™ program. This gives them the training necessary to focus their medical knowledge through the lens of the industrial/office/workplace setting. You can rest assured that our providers are not going to come onsite and create an OSHA Recordable unnecessarily.

What makes ATI Worksite Solutions different from other companies who provide onsite healthcare solutions?

We pride ourselves on being the most scalable, sustainable, effective solution for our clients looking to improve physical health onsite. Our programs are designed to expand as our clients need evolve, continue to deliver results as onsite initiatives change, and ultimately deliver on what our clients challenge us to. We have the capability to service our clients looking for short term ergonomics projects to full occupational medical teams. We’ve worked with over 1,000 employers over the past 25 years. We impact 300,000 lives daily nationally 

How are your services linked to the parent company, ATI Physical Therapy?

ATI Worksite Solutions is a completely separate subsidiary of ATI Holdings, LLC. In 1995, we started seeing the effects of workplace injuries on clients in physical therapy clinics and felt that there was a lot that we could do to avoid injuries in the first place. We are passionate about prevention and keeping employees healthy and productive. There is no marketing crossover with ATI Physical Therapy.

How does the program work?

Each of our services, whether an onsite healthcare solution or ergonomic and safety, eliminates the root causes of injuries and catching discomfort as early as possible to have the best chance to resolve it with first aid. We’ve found this early intervention approach to be the most effective strategy for employees at the most affordable cost to employers.

How do you measure performance?

We view your KPIs as lagging indicators and our KPIs as leading indicators. We know that if we do what we need to do on the front end, our clients will observe the benefit on the back end, and we encourage our clients to hold us to that standard. As an example, we track the resolution rate (discomfort resolved onsite without the need for medical treatment beyond first aid / total discomfort reported) to ensure we’re both identifying discomfort that everyone knows exists and resolving it before it warrants costly treatment.  The resulting effect is fewer serious injuries, less healthcare expenditure, and a healthier workforce.

What do you do with my company's data?

Accurate data is the first step in solving a problem because we need to identify and quantify it in order to strategize and execute the solution. Our business development and data analytics teams are experienced in developing effective plans for our clients based on what their injury data shows. We encourage the execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure open and honest communication without the fear of misuse.

How will onsite healthcare programs impact onsite productivity?

One of the pillars of our early intervention programs is bringing healthcare to the workstation rather than employees to a clinic. We find that meeting employees in their work environment gleans a better perspective on what their bodies are going through, in addition to reducing (or eliminating) the time they’re away from their job.

What impact do you have on personal health onsite?

In an effort to facilitate total worker health onsite, we enter every conversation with a holistic approach. Personal health impacts the healing process, and injuries outside of work can escalate to injuries aggravated by work. We take all of the factors into account to keep employees healthy and productive.

What is an EIS?

A EIS is a  Early Intervention Specialist™. This certification is awarded to healthcare professionals who go through our patented  Early Intervention Specialist course, consisting of a 40-hour curriculum, onsite job shadowing, and certification exam. Whether a medical assistant, athletic trainer, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner, this certification prepares our onsite providers to focus their medical training through a workplace lens necessary for employers.

What impact will an onsite healthcare provider have on our injury rates?

Because we are able to get further ahead of injuries and follow up with employees’ multiple times per day if necessary, fewer accounts of discomfort progress to full injury. As a result, our clients observe a decrease in injury rates (TRIR, DART, Severity). In addition, our onsite providers have the experience to speak with outside healthcare providers and the onsite knowledge to know the job specific applications. Our clients have a liaison with both employer’s and employee’s best interest in mind.

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