Ergonomics Consulting

Reduce Injuries Through Better Habits

Helping Your Team Members Move in a Better Direction

Our embedded ergonomic providers or consulting partnerships work directly with your business to identify risky behaviors and correct unhealthy habits. We communicate with your team to make the workplace safer, from the factory floor to the head of the boardroom.

We improve worker safety through comprehensive analysis and implementation.

  • Ergonomic job risk analyses and solutions
  • Combining data analysis and in-depth personal knowledge
  • Testing and development programs that minimize disruption
  • Two-ways communication with your staff to identify problems and understand concerns
  • A rigorous communication plan to facilitate buy-in and engagement
  • Metrics to measure success
  • Mobility and stretching programs that are fun and functional

Creating a Safer Workplace Environment

How do we reduce injuries and improve worker health? By finding the gaps between what you and your workers should be doing and what is being done, and then getting your team there.

Our analysis and implementation helps you:

  • Decrease OSHA recordables
  • Lower Workers’ Compensation Claims and Costs
  • Limit missed time
  • Stay in compliance with state regulations
  • Create a safer and more productive workplace culture

What an Embedded Ergonomics Provider Means for You

What’s unique about your business? Your employees. Your processes. Your products. Unique workplace environment deserve customized ergonomic solutions.

These solutions come from:

  • Getting to know your employees and offering personalized motions analysis
  • Understanding all movements and lifting required by each position
  • A in-depth knowledge of your culture and workplace habits
  • A 360 degree view of every aspect of your business, no matter what color the collar

Embedded health care professionals work only for you. They work to make your business safer.

How Reducing Ergonomic Risk Helped Reduce Absenteeism by 56%

See how our Certified Early Intervention Specialists worked with employees to reduce ergonomic risk, coach proper posture and provide care to get employees back to work quickly.

See Case Study

“With our new Ergonomic Team at the helm, we have a plan in place and have monthly team meetings to track our progress and have in-depth discussions regarding our assessments. Our assessments are more accurate than if we did it ourselves.”

EHS Manager
Food Manufacturer 

Create Better Workplace Habits

All of us, from the factory floor to the front office, needs to create healthier workplace habits. Let’s reduce injuries, increase presenteeism, and promote long-term health.

Improve My Workplace Ergonomics