Occupational Medicine

Worksite Specific Care to Prevent Worksite Specific Injuries

Personalized Prevention Models to Create a Safer Workplace

Why do injuries happen at your worksite? What makes a job or a motion dangerous? What do your team members need to be physically and mentally prepared for their specific job? Those are questions our Occupational Medicine program answers for you.

We Treat Discomfort at the Root to Prevent Them from Recurring

  • Understand why injuries happen
  • Eliminate the root causes of injury
  • Integrate proactive care into traditional healthcare
  • Institute episodic care programs
  • Manage medical surveillance
  • Improve your emergency response procedures
  • Streamline reporting process

How Occupational Medicine Can Decrease OSHA Recordable Injuries in Half

Not all onsite care is created equal. See how an integrated team focused on solution-oriented programs can decrease OSHA recordables by 52% 

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Compliance Oversight So You Don’t Miss Anything

Maintaining compliance means accurate reporting, record-keeping, and injury tracking.

Our site-specific compliance oversight helps you make sure all your paperwork is filled out, including:

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Support
  • Functional Task Analysis (FTA)
  • All state and federal certifications, licensures, and regulations
  • Pre-Employment Exams
  • Medical Surveillance Screening

When you have processes designed for your worksites, you have a quicker path to safety.

Embedded Healthcare Professionals Who Know Your Business

You deserve a licensed professional dedicated to your business. Our onsite healthcare providers are specifically selected to meet your site’s needs. They know health and wellness, and they’ll get to know everything about your worksite. Together, we’ll make everyone safer.

Included in this training is:

  • OSHA, first aid and recordables
  • Injury prevention, triage, treatment
  • Industrial and office ergonomics
  • Injury prevention, work hardening and light duty management

A Full Team to Meet Your Needs

There’s no one perfect tool for any job, and there’s no one perfect way to health and safety. When you want to make safer working conditions, you want a team of specialists who work together to create a comprehensive plan.

Your dedicated team potentially includes:

  • A Registered Nurse onsite
  • A team of Doctors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Medical Assistants
  • X-ray Techs

You have a variety of needs. We’re proud to have the ability to meet them.

Exceptional Results

When your employees improve their mobility and access expert care faster, the evidence shows a substantial impact. Learn more about us.

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Employees Supported

“The team helped decrease the need for utilization of outside care providers, which has helped us realize an increase in productivity and a reduction in workers’ compensation costs.”

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Get a Solution Designed For Your Business

Your worksite is unique. Your employees are unique. So why isn’t your onsite healthcare solution?

Make A Safer Workplace