Pharmaceutical Industry

You Have Research to Conduct, Drugs to Manufacture and Compliance to Meet. We’ll Help Keep Your Workers Safe, Healthy and Productive.

We Understand the Pharmaceutical Industry

You have different environments — laboratories, offices, production, logistics — that put different physical and mental stresses on your employees. But with ATI Worksite Solutions, you can have a healthier and more productive workforce in all of them.

We’re scalable. We’re sustainable. We’re backed by the largest provider of physical therapy in America. We work with you to understand your needs and provide lifelong wellness benefits to all your employees.

Make Your Pharmaceutical Worksite Safer

We’ve worked in every aspect from research and development to final sales and logistics. We understand what kind of work you do, the problems your face, and the solutions that work.

Sterile Environments

It’s one thing to have a work environment with inherent ergonomic risk; it’s another thing to have solutions limited due to static, sterile environments. Don’t let static, sterile environments limit your solutions to decrease inherent ergonomic risk. We have experience resolving this limitation to put employees in the best position to be safe and healthy.

A Physically Demanding Job

Standing. Carrying. Measuring. Repeating. No matter how big or small, repetitive movements can be just as harmful to joints, muscles and tendons. We can create better workflows, help employees correct bad habits, and prevent both sudden and chronic injuries.

Office Ergonomics and Health

While the unassuming aesthetic makes offices and cubicles look safe, they supply their fair share of risk in relation to poor posture. Having the latest ergonomic equipment provides little relief when improperly set up to individual needs.

How a Pharmaceutical Company Reduced TRIR by 56%

See how early intervention in an office setting can reduce risk stemming from sustained posture and repetitive movements.

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Beyond Work: Creating Lifelong Wellness for Your Employees

Occupational health is just one component to lifelong wellness. We help employees and their families live better lives by individualized case management.

We’ll give them the programs and tools they need to live their full lives. This includes:

  • Nutrition guidance and education
  • Exercise tips and training
  • How to deal with the severity and duration of physical demand
  • Education around proper body mechanics
  • Staying healthy as you age
  • Working with families for better meal prep and dietary habits

This isn’t a requirement or a rule you have to follow. We’re here for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our Pharmaceutical Worker Health Programs

Our programs are designed for employees who are looking at a microscope or computer screen; labeling the first test sample or the last box to be shipped out. We’re on your team.

Onsite Healthcare Programs

We embed deeply experienced healthcare providers onsite with you to help create safer processes, improve employee work habits, prevent injuries, and boost overall wellness. We’ve found the solutions that work in your setting so you don’t have to rediscover them.

Ergonomics and Safety

Ergonomic improvement is especially crucial for onsite health when job tasks are lower intensity and higher repetition. The small invest to correct any ergonomic deficiencies on the front end save a lot of time, discomfort, money and resources on the back end.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

Let us help you implement the best safety, health and wellness practices for your industry. Connect with us to get a dedicated professional solely committed to improving your every process.

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