General Distribution

You Have Products to Move. We’ll Help Keep Your Workers Safe, Healthy and Productive.

We Understand the Distribution Setting

Whether your entire service revolves around moving products or it marks the end of your production process, the distribution setting invokes inherent risk. There’s large objects. They’re moving quickly. There’s no time for pauses. But with ATI Worksite Solutions, you can have a healthier and more productive workforce.

We’re scalable. We’re sustainable. We’re backed by the largest provider of physical therapy in America. We work with you to understand your needs and provide lifelong wellness benefits to all your employees.

Make Your Distribution Safer

We’ve worked in distribution settings and in a variety of niche distribution settings, with the same stresses and pressures. We understand the work you do, the problems you face and the solutions that work.

A Physically Demanding Job

Lifting. Carrying. Pushing. Pulling. Loading. We can create better workflows, help employees correct bad habits, and prevent both sudden and chronic injuries.

Machine Implications

Machines like fork lifts and pickers can improve safety and help reduce injuries from lifting, but introduce risks associated with sedentariness and poor posture. We can help you decide on the best options for your workforce, and coach them to use the solutions for maximum benefit.

Strict Deadlines

You work to identify and mitigate inefficiencies and your logistics process. We do the same thing in the healthcare process by bringing the most beneficial provides onsite. Our solutions save discomfort, money and time.

How a National Logistics Company Observed 45% a Lower Injury Rate with Early Reporting and Injury Prevention

Injuries were increasing due to physical work, a high employee turnover rate and delivery timelines. See how we curbed that trend by shifting the culture toward early reporting of musculoskeletal discomfort.

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Beyond Work: Creating Lifelong Wellness for Your Employees

Occupational health is just one component to lifelong wellness. We help employees and their families live better lives by individualized case management.

We’ll give them the programs and tools they need to live their full lives. This includes:

  • Nutrition guidance and education
  • Exercise tips and training
  • How to deal with the severity and duration of physical demand
  • Education around proper body mechanics
  • Staying healthy as you age
  • Working with families for better meal prep and dietary habits

This isn’t a requirement or a rule you have to follow. We’re here for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our Distribution Worker Health Programs

Our programs are designed for employees who are moving boxes by hand or by forklift; tracking location from a desk or from a driver’s seat. We’re on your team.

Onsite Healthcare Programs

We come to your worksite and help you create safer processes, improve employee work habits, prevent injuries and boost overall wellness. We’ve found the solutions that work so you don’t have to.

Ergonomics and Safety

Between the dynamic movements of physically moving products and the static postures of driving, the ergonomics of distribution are important. By discovering, quantifying and mitigating issues, we can help you ensure safety far beyond our services.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

Let us help you implement the best safety, health and wellness practices for your industry. Connect with us to get a dedicated professional solely committed to improving your every process.

Improve my workplace safety