Improve Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

Identifying and Eliminating Risks in Your Workplace 

Reduce Your Risks

Our Ergonomic and Safety Consulting Services

Workplace injuries and accidents happen for a reason. Our safety and ergonomic specialists change risky behaviors to create safer work practices for you and your team members. We make work safer.

Ergonomic Solutions

Our embedded Ergonomic Specialists and Ergonomic Consulting Partnerships implement standards and tools that create better workplace habits and reduce accidents and injuries.

Safety Consulting

Safety starts with the physical environment and continues through employee behavior. We analyze your worksite and perform a risk assessment to identify unsafe situations, and help you change them.

Exceptional Results

When your employees improve their mobility and access expert care faster, the evidence shows a substantial impact. Learn more about us.

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A Better Work Environment Means Better Work

Team members work better when they are properly trained to take care of their bodies and are working in a safe environment. Our ergonomics and safety programs can be used in conjunction with each other or separately. We work to make sure that you are protecting your most valuable assets.

With ATI Safety Consulting and Ergonomic Solutions, you get:

  • Customized health and safety solutions
  • Better regulatory compliance and few missed days and Workers Compensation claims
  • Deeper employee engagement with your programs

We’ve got 20 years of onsite workplace experience. We’re ready to work with you.

Working with Us


We’re ready to roll out at any time, anywhere across the country, with any set of services. We’ll grow with you, evolve our programs, and expand our integrated offerings.


We create programs that produce long-term results. Our initiatives build on each other, preventing injury and solidifying good habits. You business goals are long-term. Those are our metrics for success.


Our embedded model means you have a team that is focused on you. They become experts on your worksite, from the front office to the factory floor. They design and implement tailored and personalized products.

“With our new Ergonomic Team at the helm, we have a plan in place and have monthly team meetings to track our progress and have in-depth discussions regarding our assessments. Our assessments are more accurate than if we did it ourselves.”

EHS Manager
Food Manufacturer

Protect Your Employees and Your Company

Improved workplace safety and better occupational habits mean safer employees, higher productivity, and a better bottom line. Let’s reduce your risks.

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