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We’re Your Dedicated Partners in Reducing Workplace Injuries, Improving Productivity, and Improving Your Bottom Line.

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Reduction in OSHA Recordables


Reduction in DART Rate


Reduction in Workers Comp Spend


Reduction in TRIR

Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes

By practicing early intervention and root-cause mitigation, you see real long-term cost benefits. Keeping employees healthy and productive.


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Ergonomic Risk Identification

Root Cause Mitigation

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Your Dedicated Partner in Workplace Health

When you work with ATI Worksite Solutions, you work with a team dedicated to understanding your business, learning your processes, and providing solutions that reduce injury.

When we work together to improve total worker health and well-being, you:

  • Invest in your employees’ health
  • Improve productivity
  • Create a better onsite culture
  • Reduce your total healthcare spend

How do we help you get there? By building a team that works full-time, for you.

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A Full Suite of Health Specialists

We combine best practices, provider competencies, and your needs to craft the most effective team for you. Your team can include worksite-specific Athletic Trainers, Registered Nurses, Massage Therapists, Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, PTAs, Ergonomists, Military Medics and more.

Employee Education

An Early Intervention Specialist™ (EIS) gives worksite-specific application to trainers to design mobility programs, prevent issues from repetitive movements and minimize high-risk exposure.

OSHA Compliance Assistance

As OSHA compliance experts, we work to make sure your onsite healthcare meets all regulations. We help you avoid headaches so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Early Intervention Specialists Focus on Your Workspace

Our EIS teams are trained to design programs and strategies that are workplace specific. We train for jobsites. We get to know your site. Our specialists apply their skills creating programs designed specifically for your employees.

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Our Services

We work with you to design a solution that fits your needs – onsite, near-site and/or virtually. By partnering with us, you can give your employees and their families a better way to prevent and care for physical discomfort

Onsite Healthcare Solutions

We come to your worksite and help you identify risk, mitigate root causes, care for injuries, and facilitate Total Worker Health and Well-Being. We’re your partner at work and beyond.

Onsite early intervention
Occupational Medicine
Case management

Ergonomic Consulting

Physical jobs carry risks of long-term repetitive injuries. So do office jobs. No matter what your position, our team helps you work safely, smartly, and sustainably. Reduce missed time from the boardroom to the floor.

Ergonomic Services

“The impact of ATI Worksite Solutions was immediate. My employees were feeling better, and working more efficiently. In the end, we had a 30% reduction in injuries!”

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Industries Served

We are proud to partner with a wide number of industries across the United States to develop progressive total worker health programs.

To learn more about specific cases where we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals, be sure to check out our client success stories.

Exceptional Results

When your employees improve their mobility and access expert care faster, the evidence shows a substantial impact. Learn more about us.

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