Taking a Look at How Success Leads to Expansion

In 2016, we published a short case study on the success that two of our Athletic Trainers had at a tire manufacturing client. As the decade is coming to an end, we’d like to revisit that case study and continue the story.

We were originally brought onsite in 2015 due to a rising number of musculoskeletal injuries, causing increases in Workers Compensation Costs and DART Rate. DART Rate continues to be our clients main KPI, and therefore, our target in reduction.

In the first year, our two Athletic Trainers were able to decrease the DART Rate by 41%, relative to the previous year. This success was achieved using the Right Treatment – Right Time – Right Provider methodology. Our client’s data showed that most injuries were cumulative musculoskeletal injuries – meaning that the root causes were compounding over time with seemingly mundane, repetitive motions. The first aid administered by our Athletic Trainers at the first sign of discomfort greatly decreased the number of cases that needed Medical Treatment Beyond First Aid. In fact, we found that an 83% increase in early identification and mitigation of sprains and strains via first aid led to a 44% decrease in DART Rate over a three-year period.

Where are they now?

We frequently have clients who begin with a pilot program at one site, and expand once they see the results we help them achieve. As we close out the decade, we service this client with seven Athletic Trainers across three different facilities. It is the collaborative effort of a safety minded client and devoted healthcare professionals that leads to maintaining a 40% reduction in DART Rate over a three-year period.

Interested in learning how these results can be achieved at your site?

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