In May of 2015, ATI Worksite Solutions had the opportunity to implement an Onsite Early Intervention Program at a heavy manufacturing site.

Specific site demographics:

Union Environment1600+ Employees2 Full-Time Certified Early Intervention Specialists (Athletic Trainers)

As can be seen in the graph, the recordables rate was greatly reduced from April 2015 to December 2015.

How did we do this?

We started by educating the employee on the floor about how they can keep themselves healthy and injury free; then we held them accountable.

Our Certified Early Intervention Specialists (CEIS) should only be perceived as the “fixers” of discomfort if this approach fails to fully mitigate discomfort.

With early reports of discomfort, we started identifying the “root cause” of the discomfort and then developed corrective strategies revolving around activities included in First Aid (as defined by OSHA). Our CEIS Team Members, with their knowledge of anatomy, posture and body mechanics, preventative stretching, and job coaching, empower the employees with the right educational tools to keep themselves at their physical best.

The outcome of these effective interactions with employees is the development of the Early

Reporting Culture, the main driver of injury prevention, and world-class injury performance.

Because our programs focus on TRUE early intervention, ATI Worksite Solutions is consistently able to provide a significant and sustainable drop in Recordable Rate, DART, Insurance Premiums, and so much more.