Program Description

OSHA recordables, in particular sprains and strains (S/S), continue to be an area of concern for many companies. ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS) implemented an injury prevention program at a utility company in the beginning of 2014. The program was initially designed to emphasize hands-on massage for soft tissue complaints of pain. Certified Early Intervention Specialists (CEIS) noticed an alarming trend at the outset of the program as S/S injuries began to rise. The CEIS team recognized that risk factors for the majority of the employees would be better resolved through one-on-one encounters.

With this in mind, and with the utility company’s approval, the CEIS team began to perform daily job site visits to interface with the utility workers. As encounters increased, OSHA recordables and S/S dramatically decreased. The ability to recognize trends, adjust, and tailor intervention accordingly is one of the greatest assets the CEIS is able to offer.

Company Demograhics

Electric, gas and generation utility7,500+ employeesUnion (Utility Workers Union of America)Off-site occupational health provider

Top Objectives

Reduce OSHA recordable incidentsReduce total number of cases which were sprains and strainsIncrease field interactions

Results Achieved

Reduced Claims: OSHA Recordable Incident Rate

2014: 1502015: 1102016: On pace for <100 YTD