Program Description

In June 2006, Advanced Physical Therapy (APT) started a program at 10 hours per week (two days per week, 5 hours each day). In July 2011, ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS) acquired APT, and continued the same 10 hour weekly program. In April 2015, the AWS program increased to 40 hours per week with presence on three weekday shifts.

Facility Demographics

350-400 employees60-65 staffNon-unionHeavy manufacturingFour shifts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and weekendWork processes include hand and robotic welding, fabrication, assembly, and shipping and receivingOccupational health provider is off-site

AWS Objectives

Reduce musculoskeletal-related (MSD) OSHA recordable injuriesAchieve an 85% or greater resolution rate on-site through job coaching, early intervention, and first aid measuresReduce workers’ compensation costs

Results Achieved

Increased presence on the shop floor resulted in employees reporting injuries early, which permitted earlier intervention and a major reduction in the number of cases being referred for outside care.

21% increase in on-site case closure for Possibly Work Relatated injuries from 2014 to 201540% reduction of MSD-related OSHA recordables from 2014 to 201511% reduction in total workers’ compensation costs from 2014 to 2015DART reduction from 1.49 to 0.46 from 2014 to 2015Claims reduction from $403,248 to $360,138 from 2014 to 2015.

Ongoing Objectives

Continue to achieve 85% or better resolution rate in-house through first aid measures and early interventionContinue to achieve reduction in workers’ compensation costsContinue to reduce the number and severity of MSD-related injuries through job coaching, early intervention and first aid