Program Description

In May 2016, a tire manufacturing company hired AWS to help reduce work-related injuries on-site. The Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) team implemented an injury workflow protocol among employees to encourage early reporting of injuries.

This culture change has allowed AWS to communicate with employees more effectively to satisfy theirneeds with work-related injuries as well as non-work-related injuries. The CEIS team continues to strive for quality encounters by proactively educating employees on wellness, stretching, and proper ergonomics. Gaining trust from the employees, supervisors, and union has allowed AWS to decrease the trend in recordable injuries over the past few months.

Facility Demographics

Four, 12 hour shifts (2-2-3 day split)

A & B: 6:30 am – 6:30 pmC & D: 6:30 pm – 6:30 am

Union: United Steel Workers (USW)969 employeesHeavy Manufacturing

History On-Site

Prior to AWS being on-site, work-related injuries were referred to an off-site occupational medical center. If the injury occurred after business hours of the occupational medical facility, the employees were sent to the emergency room for treatment.

AWS Objectives

The main goals of AWS are to:

Make a noticeable reduction in recordable injuries.Resolve 80% or more of PWR cases without outside care.Continue to establish injury workflow process among employees, union stewards, and supervisors through quality encounters with employees to encourage early reporting of injuries.Work with site contact on different approaches to prevent future injuries with the use of education and other preventative measures.

Results Achieved

Due to an increase in early reporting, the CEIS team has been able to decrease pain, strain, and sprain recordable injuries since launching the program in May.

The CEIS team has contributed to the reduction of the DART rate by 80% in just over five months of being on-site. In Quarter 2, the company reported 32 recordables. The CEIS team has helped reduce this rate to 21 recordables by the end of Quarter 3.