The 2016 Travelers Injury Impact Report claims 32% of accidents occur while lifting, lowering, filling, emptying, and carrying materials. Ultimately, this leads to 30% of injuries resulting in strains and sprains. The study covered workplace injuries of over 1.5 million workers’ compensation claims between 2010-2014, including construction, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries. Slips and trips accumulate to 16% of all accidents, with strains and sprains dominating the leading number of days and time spent away from work.

According to Travelers, strains and sprains total an astounding $17,000 per case and is in the top 5 most frequent injuries. Inflammation nearly tops the charts at $24,500 with each incident, and dislocation was named as one of the costliest injuries, coming in at over $97K per case.

It’s no surprise that workers’ compensation places financial strain on companies in regards to medical expenses, lost production, and increased insurance premiums. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average amount spent on work comp was $0.47 per hour worked. Even OSHA has recognized that U.S. businesses are facing a dilemma: “OSHA encourages all employers to adopt an Injury and Illness Prevention Program… universal interventions that can substantially reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and alleviate the associated financial burdens on U.S. workplaces.”

The key to reducing medical costs and increasing production is on-site, third party, trusted health professionals who prevent injuries through employee education and injury triage. Janice Berthold, Senior VP with Heffernan Insurance, attributes 90% of non-life threatening injuries resolved onsite with first aid. ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS)TM has spent years perfecting their Early Intervention model in order to deliver what clients need for total worker health. AWSTM has succeeded in developing efficient resources, tools, and in-depth training for licensed health care professionals. A Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS)TM will job coach, provide job specific stretches, triage early reports of discomfort, determine if the employee needs medical treatment beyond first aid according to OSHA, discover root cause of injury, present real-time site-specific trends, and recommend solutions to prevent reoccurring injuries.

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