Program Description

In June 2016, the ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS) Certified Early Intervention Specialiast (CEIS) program started on-site at a manufacturing company. AWS has implemented job rotations, job coaching encounters, and stretching programs that occur twice each shift for all employees.

Company Demographics

4 shifts (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Weekend)250 employeesNon-unionManufacturing

Top Objectives

Reduce OSHA recordable incidentsReduce total number of cases which were sprains and strainsIncrease field interactions

History On-Site

The power tools and fastening company has been in their building for the past five years; until just over a year ago the facility was solely fastening. In 2015 the power tools employees started working in the same building. Since then, the total number of employees on-site has nearly tripled.

AWS Objectives

Increase early reporting for back shiftsIncrease proactive educational encountersAdd FTAs on-site

Results Achieved

Since the beginning of 2016, claims per quarter have dropped from 13 claims in Q1 to 7 claims in Q3. This decline was seen with only one full quarter of AWS being on-site. Claims continued to decrease during June 2016 to November 2016, even when the number of employees on-site doubled.