Program Description

AWS first started on-site to help manage and prevent injuries at a bottle manufacturing company. While the initial focus was on preventing injuries while the Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) was onsite, AWS quickly recognized that implementing a new program could prevent additional injuries.

After noticing that the majority of injuries were occurring on off-shifts, and that many of the injured employees were unnecessarily going to the local hospital (resulting in preventable OSHA recordables), AWS started a First Responder Program to help prevent injuries while the CEIS was off-site.

This First Responder Program involves the CEIS training employee volunteers to administer First Aid and CPR, and use the AED. The CEIS also provides continuing education related to treating injuries that occur, so that these injuries can be treated on-site when the CEIS is not on shift.

Company Demographics

4 shifts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and SwingUnion (hourly) and non-union (salaried) employees380+ employeesManufacturing

AWS Objectives

Since coming on-site, AWS has had two main objectives:

CEIS/employee educationRecordable reduction

Results Achieved

Many of the injuries on-site are related to elements of the job function that are out of anyone’s control and/or cannot physically be changed due to the nature of bottle manufacturing. However, how the injuries are being handled when the CEIS in not available has drastically changed since AWS developed and started to manage an on-site First Responder Program. Since inception, this program has drastically reduced the recordable rate.

In the four months prior to starting the program, there were 13 recordable injuries; in the four months since the program’s inception, recordables were cut by over 60%, resulting in 5 total recordables.