Program Description

In 2014, ATI Worksite Solutions contracted with a large utility company to help prevent injuries and improve worker health. Prior to AWS, the utility company had contracted with a different on-site occupational health provider for 8 years; however, the previous company was more reactive in nature and the athletic trainers did not spend time observing the employees doing their jobs. AWS brought in an organized model with a proactive approach that put an increased focus on visiting crews in the field and performing job coaching to promote better ergonomics. The CEISs have implemented job specific strengthening and stretching programs for every department. By encouraging early reporting, the CEISs are often able to alleviate employee discomforts before they cause serious injuries.

Facility Demographics

1 shift, but employees are on-call and work during emergenciesUnion7,500 employees

AWS Objectives

The ATI Worksite Solutions model offers a unique and comprehensive approach to total worker health. The main objectives include:

Preventing injuriesReducing recordablesIncreasing employee wellness and health

Results Achieved

From the end of 2014 projected through the end of 2016, the following results have been achieved:

Recordable injuries have dropped from 152 to 88 (42% reduction)DART Rate has decreased by almost 50%, from 1.2 in 2014 to .62 in 2016.

This was achieved through increased preventative stretching and strengthening from approximately 7,800 sessions in 2014 to over 12,000 in 2016, an increase of almost 35%. Job coaching also played a key role in reducing injuries. Job coaching at the end of 2014 was 900 and by the end of 2016 it will be over 3,200 coachings, an increase of 350%.