Program Description

In 2013, a paper manufacturing company hired ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS) to help reduce work-related injuries on-site. The Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) implemented a program focused on early reporting and education. Through education about proper body mechanics and the use of job risk assessments, the CEIS was able to make an impact by improving the ergonomics in the workstations.

Company Demographics

Three shiftsFour unions represented1,700 employeesManufacturing/Production

History On-Site

Prior to AWS being on-site, work-related injuries were referred to two plant nurses.

AWS Objectives

Since coming on-site, AWS has had two main objectives:

Reduce recordablesReduce injuries

Results Achieved

With the use of educational information about body mechanics and the benefits of stretching, AWS was able to reduce both injuries and recordables. IIR, DART, recordables and the recordables rate have continually decreased since coming on-site.