Program Description

In March 2015, a beverage distribution company recognized the need to reduce the number of on-site injuries and hired ATI Worskite Solutions (AWS) to help. Placing one Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) at the TPA site for 40 hours per week, the company started to see results. In May 2015, a second CEIS was added, working 30 hours per week and splitting their time between the FTM and FTP locations. And in January 2016, a CEIS was added at the MN location. As of August 2016, the 30 hour contract in FTM and FTP was increased to 40 hours.

Both CEISs became Certified Professional Collectors to complete drug tests on-site and worked to create an on-site post offer exam (POE) utilizing job task analyses (JTAs). On-site POEs and drug testing began after the CEISs were on-site for 4 months. CEISs also have high involvement with new hire orientation and begin job coaching on the start date of each employee. CEISs have strongly encouraged a stretching program to help assist in shifting the culture to health and safety awareness and early reporting. Some departments have now made the stretching program mandatory.

Facility Demographics

3 shifts755 employeesNon-unionBeverage Distribution

History On-Site

Prior to AWS coming on-site, the employer was completing POEs and drug testing off-site. Employee culture was not reporting injuries until the employee could no longer work, which caused for high workers’ compensation costs and increased DART rates.

AWS Objectives

The main objectives for AWS included:

Begin completing on-site POEs and drug testingDecrease DART and TRC rates

A future objective is to increase CEIS visits with off-site employees to increase encounters and continue enhancing safety culture. With an increase of on-the-floor encounters with off-site employees, injuries should continue to decrease therefore decreasing OSHA recordables and DART rates at all four sites.

Results Achieved

POEs and drug tests began on-site on August 1, 2015. Since then, 167 POEs and 234 drug tests have been completed. Total cost savings for completing POEs and drug tests on-site is $46,837.

Since AWS has been on-site, the following has occurred:

Total recordables decreased by 38%Workers’ compensation costs decreased by 80%DART percentages decreased at each site— TPA: 50%, FTM: 60%, and FTP: 100%