Program Description

In October 2014, a mattress production company started producing mattresses at an additional location. Stretching and injury prevention strategies from another plant were incorporated into the wellness strategy at the new facility, but a dedicated Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS) was not on-site.

In June 2015, seeing the need to have an official injury prevention and triage professional on-site, the company contracted ATI Worksite Solutions (AWS) to handle employee injury prevention and care. Once on-site, AWS was able to implement stretching programs for each department and improve body mechanics and lifting techniques in order to prevent injuries and recordables.

Company Demographics

2 shiftsNon-union200 employees (excluding temporary workers)

AWS Objective

Decrease the occurrence of recordables through:

Employee education and participation in safe work practicesComprehensive stretching programsEarly intervention reporting

Results Achieved

From the time that AWS came on-site, there has not only been a decline in recordables, but there have been more months with zero recordables. In less than 12 months of AWS being on-site, there were four months with zero OSHA recordables. Half of the recordables in 2015 either occurred prior to or within the first two weeks of AWS being on-site. In 2016, eight recordables occurred, which is a 67% decrease from 2015.

In addition to the decrease in total recordables for 2016, there was also a reduction in musculoskeletal recordables for the year as compared to 2015. In 2015, 75% of the recordables were musculoskeletal in nature. In 2016, this number was reduced by 25%.

On average, 88% of PWR cases are resolved on-site without the need for outside care. This has created an ROI of $199,827.25, an ROI ratio of 4.5:1 at the end of Q3 2016.

Other results include:

DART: Reduction of 57% from 5.69 in Q1 2016 to 2.46 in Q3 2016Injury Trend: 63% decrease in monthly PWR injuries from June 2015 to October 2016Reduced Claims: 95% reduction in claim dollars from $31,000 in Q1 2016 to $1,600 Q3 2016