By: Brian Rog

After back-to-back hurricanes slammed the United States, resources fell short on supply, so volunteers and organizations around the nation stepped up to help those in need. Of these organizations, one of our worksite partners deployed crews to help with the recovery efforts in the Florida region. Aware of the grueling conditions their personnel would be up against, they also deployed their AWS CEIS, athletic trainer Roxann Dahl, to ensure their teams sustained the essential physical and mental capacities needed to meet the demands of their labors. Determined to do everything she could to keep the teams healthy and operating at peak performance levels, Roxann went beyond the call of duty, and as a result, crews were able to focus on their task at hand while Roxann carefully looked after their health and well-being. Following the trip, our worksite partner had this to say:

“I am writing you today in regards to an ATI Athletic Trainer Roxann Dahl that works at our organization. On September 7th 2017, 45 Lineman and roughly 30 support personnel including Roxann left Jackson Michigan headed to Florida to stage for Hurricane Irma. During our 3 day trip from Jackson to Orlando Roxann was very diligent on making sure our members were hydrating properly in preparation for the Florida heat. She also lead stretch every morning in the parking lot of the hotel. We arrived in Orlando on the 9th at the hotel that we would weather the storm in. While in Orlando, Roxann got a small conference room and set up shop. A couple long days driving in a bucket truck is pretty rough on your back, unless you brought a Roxann. She saw and helped a number of our members that day while in Orlando, which I thought was pretty awesome. Now keep in mind that prior to this trip Roxann and I had never met. The morning after the storm our group was assigned to work out of the Florida Atlantic University pull out. It was at this point that Roxann moved into my truck and I would spend the next 9 days and roughly 150 hours with her. I am the Union Safety Coordinator for our lineman so I go from job to job ensuring the safety of our members, which is why it makes great sense to have the Athletic Trainer in the same truck. Every morning I would take Roxann to the grocery store and she would pick out everything thing that our lineman would need to get them through a 16 hour day at 90 degrees and 100% humidity. This was so critical to our success because the lunches that were provided were not enough to get them through the day. I was amazed at her passion for not only making sure that we were getting the hydration and nutrition we needed but also ensuring that everyone’s bodies were holding up also. We would return to the show up after a long day and she would pull out her table and continue to care for our members. I can’t say enough good about what she provided to this experience for all of our members. She is great at her job, great with people, and great with directions (which helped me a lot). I’m sure she can only imagine why I asked her for your email address, but I wanted to share a little bit of my great experience with her. Our organization and the UWUA are very lucky to have her.”

Roxann embodies the true spirit and determination of an ATI Worksite Solutions ambassador. We couldn’t be more proud of her efforts in supporting our client’s team during this time of distress.

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