As NIOSH’s National Protect Your Hearing Month comes to an end, here’s some insight on how onsite healthcare can make your Hearing Conservation program run smoothly.

After environmental sound levels have been measured, reasonable controls have been put in place, and the level of protection necessary has been determined, the implementation phase begins. This process is to ensure employees understand the risks and preventative measures, and are complying with the program. These components represent some of the ongoing work involved with a hearing conservation program. At ATI Worksite Solutions, we collaborate with many of our clients to support their Hearing Conservation Programs in this way.

All employees in the Hearing Conservation Program require initial and annual Hearing Conservation Training. Our onsite healthcare professionals may be a viable resource for these training needs. Completing baseline audiometric exams for any employee working in areas identified as part of the Hearing Conservation Program can be time-consuming. Coordinating a mobile van or conducting onsite audiometric exams are both ways our team can help streamline the process. This baseline is later compared to future annual audiometric exams, to identify any changes in hearing. While reviewing the results from the audiometric exams with the employees, we also take the time to refresh the employee on the components of the Hearing Conservation Program and answer any questions they may have.

If a potential hearing shift is identified during an annual audiometric exam, we can initiate the employer’s process to confirm the potential shift. In addition, we can consult with the employee to ensure they understand when and how to use hearing protection and determine if they have any relevant changes in health or physical condition.

Our mission is to provide a fully-integrated onsite team of healthcare providers dedicated to proactive engagement-based strategies for Total Worker Health. Collaborating on the Hearing Conservation Program for our clients, as a part of our onsite healthcare solutions, allows our mission to come through loud and clear.